Ultrasonic ranging probe UB40 4 U J 1 ultrasonic ranging sensor displacement sensor in Electronics Stocks from Electronic Components Supplies

Ultrasonic ranging probe UB40 4 U J 1 ultrasonic ranging sensor displacement sensor in Electronics Stocks from Electronic Components Supplies

Product Specification

Test4: 4

is_customized: Yes

Model Number: UB40-4- U-J-1

Test1: 4

Product Description: UB40-4-U-J-1 voltage output
UB40-4-485-J-1 485 output
UB40-4-P-J-1 PNP output
UB40-4-N-J-1 NPN output
Ultrasonic distance sensor is a high-performance ranging controller designed with an integrated waterproof probe. Based on the principle of ultrasonic echo ranging, the precise time difference measurement technology is used to detect the distance between the sensor and the target object. For transparent objects or non-ferrous objects, metal objects, non-metallic objects, as well as solid, liquid or powder materials, can be detected. But for different objects, reflective intensity will vary, in order to ensure that you can buy the right products, please contact us before buying.
Ranging principle: ultrasonic pulse emitted by ultrasonic probe is transmitted to the object under test through air medium, and then returned to ultrasonic probe through air medium after reflection. The time of ultrasonic pulse propagation from emission to reception in air medium is measured. According to the sound velocity in the air medium, the distance from the ultrasonic probe to the surface of the object can be calculated. So we can calculate the distance from the probe to the reflector s s = V * t / 2 (divided by 2 because the sound wave actually travels back and forth from emission to reception, s is the distance, V is the speed of sound, t is the time).
Product characteristics:
1, high protection level;
2, wide power supply and low power consumption;
3, easy to use and easy to operate.
4, high precision and high resolution.
5, the detection distance is far away and the data is stable.
6, you can choose high precision temperature output and temperature compensation function, the default is no temperature compensation.
7. It has a physical bell mouth shell, which has better directivity and stability.
8. Output compatibility is good, there are general RS232 output and voltage analog output, the default is voltage output.
Product application:
1, high precision ranging;
2, obstacle avoidance and automatic control.
3, objects are close and exist.
4, traffic control;
5, security and industrial control;
6, artificial intelligence, teaching and research;
7. Ultrasonic level control;




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